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In the last 167 years, the advances of caulking and adhesives have been enormous. Maze Lumber has kept with the times and is always on the cutting edge of your caulking needs. We have shifted with the times now to offer the full line of DAP adhesives and caulks. We offer everything from Green certified drywall adhesive all the way to caulking for around your windows, with colors in stock to match the most common Marvin, Integrity, and Tempco window line colors. We also are able to special order color match caulk for all of your custom siding needs.

If it is more of inside application you are looking for, DAP is very proud of their low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and mold resistant kitchen and bathroom sealants as well as general construction adhesives. Whatever you are trying to close up, keep dry, or attach, stick with Maze Lumber for all of your adhesive needs. Maze also carries Sashco Mor-Flex caulking, which is perfect for filling in the cracks in your brick mortar all the way to filling in the cracks in your concrete patio. Maze Lumber is here to help you with all of your adhesive needs.

Our flooring department also offers 100% silicone in many colors, allowing you to match any material you're finishing. In case you don't want something with color, we also offer a 100% translucent silicone. Unlike a "clear" silicone which dries to a milky white, translucent is a truly transparent silicone. This is great for finishing cultured marble showers, natural and manufactured countertops, and anything else that you want a truly transparent seal on. 

Some of the brands we carry are featured to the left. Click on the brand to learn more!