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On October 17, 1944, Raynor Manufacturing Company was born in a small factory in Quincy, Illinois. The company was the dream of its two owners, Bill Norberg and Ray Neisewander, both experienced and talented manufacturers. Norberg's specialty was steel fabrication, while Neisewander's expertise was in woodworking. Combining their strengths, the two set out to manufacture sectional overhead-type garage doors. When the company moved to its present Dixon, Illinois, location in 1946, demand for the Raynor door was greater than they imagined. By the end of the decade, the firm had over 150 employees and had doubled the size of its original Dixon building. The 1990s brought new horizons to Raynor, as it set its sights on overseas markets. In 1989, Raynor export activities were limited to three countries, but by 1995, dealers could be found in over 30 countries.  An improving global economy created an expanding international market for higher quality products.  As a result, Raynor became the leading exporter of U.S.-made garage door products. Experience in the international market also brought new ideas to Raynor, such as the EnduraCote system - black powdercoated springs and white hardware - that was another industry first.

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