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Cumberland Stove Works, which originated in Cumberland WI, began producing multi-fuel pellet stoves in 2005 with the MF3500 manual-ignite and the MF3600 auto-ignite stoves. In late 2006, updates and changes were made to these stoves as the firepot and fireplate were reconfigured to be easily removed. The auger housing was also changed from round to octagonal to improve the fuel flow. Thus, the MF3650 was born, and included the same control system as the original MF3500 and MF3600 stoves. That control system was improved in 2007 to a solid state control, which increased the feed rate to 45,000 BTU. Soon after, the MF3650 convection motor was redesigned to run slower and quieter with the same air flow. These updates gave way to the original MF3700 and MF3800 models. In 2009, Cumberland Stove works added a fuel gate kit and relocated the over limit switch to help improve the stove's performance when using poor quality fuel. Those changes became part of the current MF3800.

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