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Amorim Revestimentos, the worldwide market leader of cork flooring, places nature on the starting point for a better future, investigating and creating flooring solutions that, without affecting the environment, ensure a higher quality of life. Being present in more than 51 countries, Amorim Revestimentos' International flooring portfolio and brands, are known throughout the world as pioneers in creating top-quality, ground-breaking solutions. Wicanders®, Amorim Revestimentos' premium brand, has been producing flooring since 1868, always inspired on nature's most pure values and using avant-garde technologies to provide high quality, ecologic and stylish flooring.

Wicanders® is recognized as a leader because of the quality, innovation and unique characteristics of their solutions for interior decoration (technical performance, design and comfort), targeting both residential and commercial market segments. Nowadays, Amorim Revestimentos has exclusive  manufacturing technology and a multinational distribution network that lets them know and, acting in advance, meet the needs of their Clients. This strategic positioning, along with its action to promote the use of cork coverings and their active programme to develop new solutions, guarantees the success of their activity and high penetration of their products in the most demanding markets. Wicanders® profitable and sustained growth is based on three fundamental vectors: the products, the Clients and the distribution.

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