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Successful creativity is a fundamental principle at Huber Engineered Woods.

We search for new ways to solve problems. We never settle for the expected or accepted norm, and always search for methods that will help us deliver the highest quality products and service possible. It's a different way of doing business. Not just innovative thinking, not simply maverick approaches, but creativity that makes a difference. With a dedicated R&D Group, we develop products to solve specific problems and to meet specific customer needs. We operate under a philosophy of continuous improvement in quality products, and value customer input, seeking their ideas on product enhancements or new products needed to fill market voids. Imagine a company that consistently surprises its customers with innovative products, yet keeps those products affordable. People want to do business with a company they can trust to help them resolve problems and deliver on their promises. That company is Huber. This fourth-generation family company has always provided solutions that its customers can trust. J.M. Huber's close relationship and readiness to help customers was a common practice and one that has been passed down as a guiding principle of the company for over a century. Mr. Huber always found a solution, even when a fire burned his Brooklyn plant to the ground in 1913. Within 48 hours, he had production up and running again in a rented space. This solution-driven business practice became the foundation upon which the company grew.

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