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Maze Lumber offers a complete line of roofing products for houses, businesses, farms and industry.

These include asphalt shingles with a fiberglass matte in many different sizes and designs including the old standard 3 in 1 shingle, architectural/shake look shingles and unique special cut and multilayered types of shingles. Maze also offers metal roofing for homes, rural applications, businesses and industrial applications in many different gauges and profiles from our line of suppliers. Metal roofs are becoming very popular on homes now as consumers explore more unique and different looks for their house.

Cedar shakes and cedar shingles are still popular choices for some homeowners as they desire that rustic look. Years ago shakes and shingles were installed over spaced 1by boards. That served as the sheathing. The spaced boards allowed air to circulate under the shingles that expanded during the rain to dry out. Today, with solid sheathing used, new products have been developed (like cedar breather) to allow a space between the sheathing and shingles for air to circulate and dry the wood shingles.

Rolled products are a great product for those flat or almost flat roofs. Rolled roofing has been available for years including 90# mineral rolled roofing and 1/2 lap rolled roofing made from asphalt based products. These rolled goods have given way to the new generation of flat roof products including rolled rubber and large sheets of tarm-like rubber that carry 10 year to life time warranties. As new technology develops, other roof covering products are becoming available including those made of rubber and recycled materials.

Maze Lumber has access to all of the name brand shingle manufacturers and other roofing products currently available from many of our suppliers. We stock, ready for immediate delivery or pickup the following products: 3 in 1 shingles and architectural shingles, both manufactured by Certainteed, 90#, rubber Flintlastic SA base sheet and Flintlastic SA cap, as well as 26" wide 1 1/4" OC ridge agricultural metal roofing in either 8' or 10' long pieces.

Maze Lumber also stocks many accessories necessary for installing your new roof including 15# and 30# felt, high performance felt (the newest underlayment product in roofing, and gaining in popularity), ice and water shield (used along eaves to prevent ice dams and in valleys to stop leaking), roof edging in either Appleton steel or Rollex aluminum, aluminum rolls, painted turne (tin with a lead coating) preformed W-Valley, step flashing (for roof to wall protection), self stick starter rolls, roof coatings in either plastic cement or fibered roof coating and all the important roof vents needed to provide ventilation in a roof.

To attach any roofing product, we offer the well-known made in the USA Maze Nails, available in double hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel as well as copper. Maze Lumber stocks large head roofing nails and rubber washer nails that can be hand driven or used in many of the coil and stick pneumatic nail guns.

Our estimating department will be happy to assist you in figuring the correct quantities and accessories needed for your roofing project as well as the right product for your project. Our estimating team has the experience to figure your needs accurately and completely.

Now that you know what you need, getting it there is the next task. Maze Lumber is able to do roof top deliveries with our fleet of boom trucks and experienced boom truck operators. No more hauling up bundles of shingles on a ladder and risking injury. Remember Maze Lumber for all of your roofing needs, be it a little fix up or a complete tear off. Maze Lumber is here to do Whatever It Takes for YOU!

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