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Maze Lumber is your source for any and all of your siding needs.

With so many different types of siding out there on the market, sometimes it is overwhelming as to what will best suit your home as well as your budget!

The oldest and most sustainable siding happens to be wood siding. This comes in the form of sheets, shingles, boards and can either be bare, primed or prefinished. These wood products are also available in range of species including cedar, fir, pine and even redwood. What we do not carry in stock, we have access to from our many lumber suppliers.

The most common type of siding these days happens to be vinyl siding. This is because of the cost as well as the hassle free installation and maintenance. Vinyl siding comes in many profiles such as Double 4, Double 5, Dutchlap, scallop shingle and cedar shingle profiles. Maze Lumber carries many of these types of siding on hand as well as all of the necessary accessories you will need including starter, J-channel, electrical blocks and inside/outside corners.

Many new homes are using cement siding. Maze Lumber is just down the road from one of the largest fiber cement producers in the world, James Hardie. Fiber cement offers many great properties such as impact resistance, fire resistance, mold and mildew resistance and termite resistant! Cement siding also comes in the form of lap siding as well as shake and shingle style and finally, cement siding can be purchased in sheet form for easily installation and styles to match up to many current jobs. With the advances in paint technology, cement siding is your minimal maintenance choice for the future of beauty on your home.

Maze Lumber also offers steel pole barn siding as well as residential and commercial steel siding. These companies also offer only the finest in painting technology for their siding and the corresponding trim pieces.

Maze Lumber has access to the vast array of name brand siding manufacturers that the consumer has grown to know and trust. For your small repair projects, Maze Lumber stocks a fair amount of cedar bevel siding, fir plywood siding, and the old cement type side wall shingles 24" x 12" in wavy and straight edge.
To compliment our siding lines, Maze Lumber also stocks Rollex brand aluminum soffit and trim accessories. To completely seal your project, Maze Lumber offers top of the line caulking as well as fasteners to attach all types of siding.

Maze Nails, made right here in Peru, IL USA is the perfect fastener for securing your siding and is available to hand drive or in coils and sticks for all of the popular brands of nail guns and is either hot-dipped galvanized or prefinished to match your siding.

So keep Maze Lumber in mind for all of your siding needs. Our experienced sales team will help you estimate and decide the perfect product for your project, one that will provide you with years of satisfaction and pride!

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